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This is the last chapter of this story guys! Thank you for reading and all the comments. I will come back with another story! xx Read More
For some reason it wouldn't let me update :( But here we are with a next chapter! Enjoy and thank you for reading! xx Read More
Chapter 5 is here! Enjoy. This one's about the next morning... don't drink too much. Ever! xx Read More
We're rushing towards the...I won't tell! Excited? Read peeps (: Thanks! Read More
Thanks everyone who's been reading my story. It took me a while...I lost track of time, sorry, peeps! Well, here we are. Shannon Leto, full on! :) Read More
It's getting better at the party as the guys appear and join in the game.. More to come! please comment -I'm fine with critics as well :P Don't leave me hangin'! Read More
Basically a short fan fiction about a girl, Pam, who meets her favourite drummer Shannon Leto at a party. When her world fell apart she gets Shannon as her Savior. Read, comment, rate! Love, xx, Sonia :) Read More
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