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A quite odd story that I don't recommend for all readers. It requires suspending your disbelief and just reading. It is based off of a dream I once had, and is therefore a hazy story with connections that just don't form. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A man with an unknown purpose heads out on a journey to fulfill his destiny. One day, a shard with mysterious power appears in his hand. Now it is up to him to use the shard how he will see fit. Read More
I got this idea for a poem from another poet here on Booksie named, Madhuri. I got the idea from his poem, "This Is My Prayer" Read More
Please don't judge's just an exaggeration of how i feel...or is it? Wish I could write something happy for once...when that day comes it'll be a miracle. Read More
Almost a Military based story... based on futuristic Military Units. Consists of the good and the bad. Operation Liberty is a group of well trained soilders fighting for good and trying to get rid of the Iron Alliance. *If you read this first chapter and are interested in it, please… Read More
this is the story of a young elf, kayoen and her vampire love, faramir faced with the task of finding the sun shards to save their kingdoms an seal their marriage Read More
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