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Whoever thought of mourning an ant? Well I do and I actually did although it wasn’t easy. There was as you expected teasing and all that stuff but I didn’t care. To me, I was saying goodbye to a friend. Read More
My great grandma passed away recently and yes she went up to heaven holding the angel’s hand. I miss her but I know she’s in a better place. Read More
This is for a sister of mine I never had the chance to meet. She passed away before I was even born but I still miss her. If there was a prize I had to pay to bring her back, even for a day I would do it. Read More
I usually make lists, a lot of lists and they can be on anything. This poem was inspired by ‘my regular and everyday worries’ list. Everyday I worry about my dad dying. Everyday. He used to be my best friend so I can’t…..I’m used to having him waking me up… Read More
you know that helpless feeling we all have sometimes when even people are trying to pick us up it seems futile.there comes a time when we all feel a little lost because 'heartbreak' is inevitable but that doesn't mean it's the end of the can blame yourself, call yourself… Read More
TALES FROM NORTH SHIRE FARM: Mr. TWIST AND OLIVER:Molly is a good girl who's always doing nice things for's her birthday and Mr. Twist wants to do something nice for her in return but Oliver gets in the way. Read More
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