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Sherlock has found himself in a tough place after a previous case in which he lost Watson to a stray bullet; leaning heavily on the snuff, he finds himself thrown into a mystery he cannot understand in his intellectual brain, but perhaps he will grasp it before welcoming a… Read More
A flash and fan fiction, a Sherlock Holmes mini-fable. Quite So! --- Side note, If the reader is familiar with the TV series, "Murder She Wrote", then you may see a similarity to the female writer in this story. Read More
This brief story is one of the first tales I ever finished. Written in 1975, it's my own small contribution to the canon of Sherlock Holmes stories. It's a character study more than anything else, fully contained within Holmes' flat at 22b Baker Street. For those interested, I suspect that… Read More
"You see, Watson, but you do not observe." (Sherlock Holmes) This phrase is the sharp peak of Sherlock's intelligence, the most famous proverb which tells us about the power of observation. The book, "Narrative Riddles of Sherlock Holmes", contains 10 riddles regarding the stories of the brilliant detective. Particularly, every… Read More

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Part I of the "Ashes" series Sherlock is alive, John has moved out, there's a new resident at Baker Street, and Moriarty is back. Can things get even more interesting for Sherlock Holmes? Yes. The Crown Jewels have disappeared, and there's a little note left for the Great Detective. Lestrade… Read More

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