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Perception and reality. Read More

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Nobody can save me now. I want to hide the truth, but I am turning into a monster. What should I deify now? -Torrent I suppose that fire does not burn forever. Where should I go to deify? -Aron There are plenty of fish in the sea, I just suck… Read More
Brynn Cassidy is a young mercenary who has seen the very darkest side of human nature at its core. While she struggles to remain afloat in Sevrica, a land where one wrong decision can drag you under, Brynn unintentionally becomes caught in a power struggle between those who wish to… Read More
When mankind seeks protection of his heart and soul from harm, he loses more than fear… Read More
01 and 02 had been trapped within that laboratory since before they held any memories. They were far more preoccupied with the dangerous illusions which haunted them--and only them--than they were the world. But shortly after their guardians attempted to separate them, they found out that they were more dangerous… Read More

Book / Fantasy

December 18, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

Luxen Ross is a Phantom who has long before forgotten his past. Accompanied by a vampire aristocrat and world-famous figure, he slowly walks a path that would reveal the truth that could hurl him into self-destruction. Or worse. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I wrote this in June. First love clouds a person's mind, making everything sweeter. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A tango is a dance about how a couple loves/hates each other! This couple is in a love/hate relationship though they've only actually seen and talked to each other once... while they were fighting. The couple doesn't understand their feelings for each other but really they both think they know… Read More
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