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Jennifer and her attractive husband Hunter, acquire the house of their dreams. It appears to be the perfect place to raise A family. Unfortunately when her best friend Sandy suffers an accident in their new home, the couple find themselves in the middle of their own horror story. Jennifer’s new… Read More
Watchman Journal part 5 Boycott Israel products? Are you sure? Read this first. Read More
Lunatic Leonitus Lunatic Leonitus Moonlit incendiary sequence of a Catfight. Panthera whelping Genesis flexing Monarchal sparkling of a Flame set to Burn yon Shiloh. Reflection evident this evenings Moon Non Benign Feline approach of Twilight Humility Virtue Vice incisor Bite of Pride Night Light Saga of a Picnic Blanket fixture… Read More
Insanity is the door to evil. Shiloh Harris doesn't remember much, but she remembers enough Read More
Seeking revenge for the captain who killed her mother, Shiloh found herself in a race among humans to get her family fortune back. She was saved by an unknown man who accepted her just like his own family and he taught her things she had never knew existed in the… Read More

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No description available (because I'm terrible at writing them). Enjoy. :) Please give me constructive criticism! If this book is really good, I would love to get it published. I won't get mad! I promise! P.S. The name of this novel is "Jake" and not "Jake: A Novel." The only… Read More
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