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This is a spoiler article for Naruto, Don't scroll down to prevent spoilers Read More
Naruto and sakura have finally made it to the next level and with sasuke along side nothing could be better until a mission goes wrong and may vause Naruto's death. Read More
It seems Itachi has grown attracted to Shizuki in the last few months that she joined the Akatsuki. What will happen between them? Shizuki x Itachi, some Shizuki x Aizen in later chapters. Naruto Shippuden and Bleach Cross-over. Rated because of: language, blood, explicit scenes ***I do not own Naruto… Read More
This is what Tobi from Naruto Shippuden probably feels. Inspired by my little brother Juan Angel. :) Read More
Usagi Uzumaki an young 16 year old discovers that she is in love with the ninja world's greatest enemy.. Tobi. Once Tobi unmasks himself and his true feelings, Usagi finds it extremely difficult to suppress her own feelings from him. Read More
This is based in the Naruto World. the main character Sasaki Sakurano Sawako and her love interest varies. Disclaimer: THIS STORY IS VERY INCOMPLETE This is MY book told MY way by ME. Some of the characters, events and others have been recycled from officially published works (that I claim… Read More
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