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February 05, 2018

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The The Imaginarium House

A flash fiction image inspired poem. Read More
Sabrina is now back in civilization but nothing is the way she thought it would be. She has Jesus in her life, but she is not happy. She would be much happier back on the island. Will she ever get to go back? Read More
Sabrina was shipwrecked on an island when she was just kid. Several years later, she has just given up ever being rescued. That is, until some teenagers wash up on shore after a storm. Not only is Sabrina presented with the possibility of being rescued, they also tell her about… Read More
After being shipwrecked on an island by herself for ten years, Sabrina is finding it difficult to be back in civilization. In fact, she wishes she were back on the island. Is that really where God wants her? Read More
When Tiffanie and her friends are shipwrecked on a deserted island, they never thought they would find another teenager living there. But unfortunately, Sabrina has been shipwrecked for about ten years. Will the girls ever be rescued? And will they be able to lead Sabrina to Christ in the meantime? Read More
A shipwrecked human struggles to stay sane on a planet full of aliens who only live for a single day. Read More
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