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Bo, is big beautiful Shire gelding, who has found himself in tough situation... he's on a feed lot waiting to be sent to slaughter...but this is not the end of the road for the big shire for he is one of the lucky ones...but he has friends that need rescuing… Read More
DUMB OLD Mr. CHARLES:there is a theft going on in north shire farm and the thief is had at arms length but manages to escape because of one man's thinking. Read More
THE SIGN:whoever thought not paying attention to signs could cost you a whip on the back and almost the worst embarrassment of your life. Read More
THE BRAVEST MAN ON NORTH SHIRE FARM:Mr. Harry is always saying he is the bravest man on north shire farm.his friends test him to see if it's true. Read More
TALES FROM NORTH SHIRE FARM: RETIRED DEFENDANT OF BENNY:Benny's father won't let even a fly touch him without a fight.see what happens when he encounters Mr. Chuck. Read More
TALES FROM NORTH SHIRE FARM, SILLY BILLY:silly Billy is hungry but mother is at the market.maybe a juicy mango isn't so bad. Read More
TALES FROM NORTH SHIRE FARM: Mr. TIM'S NOSE IS ON FIRE:who ever thought showing off could be this much trouble? Read More
TALES FROM NORTH SHIRE FARM: THE GHOSTS BEHIND THE TOMBSTONE:how are apples,ghosts and jumping connected?find out in this story. Read More
TALES FROM NORTH SHIRE FARM: Mr. TWIST AND OLIVER:Molly is a good girl who's always doing nice things for's her birthday and Mr. Twist wants to do something nice for her in return but Oliver gets in the way. Read More
THE VESTERCHIEFS:miss Patty asks her pupils to bring handkerchiefs to school but they forget.see what Hannah and her friends do to stay out of trouble. Read More
LAZY Mr. JESS:Mr. Jess has the surprise of his life when he doesn't visit his farm until harvest. Read More
MISS DORIS AND THE DUMB PUPILS:dear old Miss Ginger has to go to South shire because her sister is having a baby.the pupils are sad to see her go but are bent on making her proud by impressing their new teacher, Miss Doris. Read More
THE MOST AMAZING HARVEST:the story introduces to you old McDonald and his most amazing harvest. Read More
THE MAN WHO WANTED TO KNOW A TRAIN:the story is all about Mr. Jokey and his road to knowing a train. Read More
i wrote this stories years ago when i was very little...yeah so sorry for any mistakes.hmm just read and tell me what you think. THE BILLY GOAT BEARD:the story is meant to inspire and also make you laugh. Read More

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This is a poem/song based on an episode of the Big Bang Theory. The episode, in particular, where Leonard is dressed as Frodo. Penny's ogre of an ex-boyfriend sees him and Penny kissing and as Leonard slams the door in his face, he says: "That's right, that's how we roll… Read More
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