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When we never know this submerged idol of Hindu Lord Shiva stands in the flooded river Ganges in Rishikesh, I look down into the change that is the message we know time is vulnerable for its signatures. How will you save this home from the deepest deprivation of our existence?… Read More
You know when I meditate every time it stars off the same way, with me sitting on the sand by the beach. I'm sitting Indian style with my palms facing up at the sky, my eyes are closed, but I still can see the ocean and waves in front of… Read More
Mt Kailash, a beautiful and religious mount for many religions. I hope you like the chapter. Read More
Thinking is not driven by answers but by questions. Had no questions been permitted to be asked by those who seek knowledge, it signals the tragic end of wisdom, understanding and insight of the seeker. And, of course, an end to knowledge itself.¬†Every declarative statement of truth is an answer… Read More
Naga Lingam flower is sacred to Hindus since it represents Lord Shiva and Naga but standing under the flower tree could be hazardous to body from falling cannon ball size fruits of the tree. Read More
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