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Old west. A man and woman are chased by a posse. The woman, De Miller, can she bring fortitude and live? Read More
Two neighboring boys become fast friends in "Bloody Kansas" shortly after the Civil War. They become expert pistol shooters. They fall for the same girl. When grown they leave home and head down separate paths only to be forced into a confrontation neither one wants. Read More
Miss Amazing is lost without her partner, Mister Great. Read More
CALIFORNIA: SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA February 4, 1974. The abduction of Patricia Campbell Hearst (a.k.a. Patty Hearst) is one of the most infamous crime stories of the century. She is the granddaughter of William Randolph Hearst, the great newspaper baron and creator of the Hearst Castle. Kidnapped! Much more. She… Read More
taken from my book, "This Never Happened Before" Read More

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September 02, 2009

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It is as though you've been thrown into some kind of outlandish time-warp that sends you floating around in all time and space only stopping for a few moments to witness random people doing random stuff that makes no sense and that cannot be comprehended by even the most acute… Read More
Jasmine is a poisonous berry that is fatal, causing instant problems to the digestive system and nervous system... It's also the only plant reveranced to be shrouded in evil, for every person who's used it for any other purpose than viewing pleasure, has died in the most horrific ways. The… Read More
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