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December 06, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

Stories that you may have read in high school to ones even in college, these are a bunch of short stories thrown together into one large book. Read More
It was an ordinary early morning, but it had an heart shattering story to it! Read further to experience what the silent sparrows had to say. Hope you enjoy reading this. Read More
How many people live in your house? Read More
The Nuclear Water Bottle. Read More
A short story set in a science fiction universe about a pair of star-crossed lovers. Read More
A young humanoid boy named Darius traverses through the infamous Sylvasian desert, as he gets lost while on a supply run. Read More
A story about two brothers that receive an unwanted guest. Read More
A story about a older leader of a clan of gorillas who is about to fight another gorilla to the death for the right to lead. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Leaving the nest Read More

Tags: poem, short-story

Two people, both sad and guilty with feelings of remorse Read More
With lands wasting away and giving into years of neglect and abuse, the nature of the world is slowly fading away. But beyond the darkness and despair, lies a green paradise where life strives, a place that gives hope to the last surviving beings on Earth. Read More
Thomas Forbes, a crime writer, lives in the Davies Building in New York, when he thinks he sees his someone in his apartment. Is he being paranoid, or it is someone he knows? The new thriller short story by Robert Helliger. Read More
Feedback. Read More
A young mage tries to impress his love only to bring about his own doom. This may be a continuing story at some point. Depends on readership. :) This story was written a few years back and was heavily influenced by my days playing Advanced Dungeons & Dragons as a… Read More
There was a man who was in deep sorrow and had no hope in life after he had broken up with his girl friend. Suddenly a mysterious woman appeared in front of him and gave him a pill that would relieve him from his pain. The man was really healed… Read More
Raindrops falling down. Down. Read More
The Neon City. Read More
Let's try that again. Read More
I realize now that I am alive. And I want out. Read More
Blue Moon. What if you're not awake yet? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A true cycle never has an end. Read More
A short story about a mother yearning for her home. Read More
A short story for young adults set in a fantasy world. Read More
Morning Rain. Read More
This short story explores the regrets of an unnamed protagonist and his struggle to come to terms with the loss of his wife in a post apocalyptic world. Read More
A short story and poem by Carson Alworth. Read More
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