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The immortal being Protos is captured to by agencies wanting to harness his power. Asroth rejoices that he has been made a captive. Read More
Former New York City Police Officer, Jack Wiley, is the last man on earth after the world ended. As he explores the ruins of New York City, he begins to realize that he may not be as alone as he thought. A creature hunts him. A man with glowing green… Read More
A story about really good peach cobbler. Read More

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A kindly soul gives regular money to a vagabond, but what does he do with it? Read More
I loved him. He left me. Read More
Here is a short story of 1000 words split over two chapters. 500 words in each chapter. Read More
It's a perfect day to go swimming, but a truck driver has to work... Read More
Year 2 of the Division War: Mission: Send spies into enemy territory for reconnaissance and rescue of captured soldier. Further forces will hold back until instructed. Read More
The long story of an old clock and its many owners. Read More
Olivia and Henry meet as kids and grow up as best friends. Through their obstacles in high school, they fall deeply in love, ready to spend their lives together. Read More
Here is a story about a 35 year old man who lives in his mothers basement and is now homeless! Read More
Cookie loves sleepovers and this one is going to be the wildest one she ever been to Read More
Just a collection of short horror stories. They are not connected this time. Read More
Wrote this for an assessment back in 2017. Compare it to the work I have done these past few years and you can see development. We all grow and this is one very physical, realistic way of showing it. Read More

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Something I did for tutoring and I though I should share the work. I know its random but it shows that you can start anywhere and come so far. Shoutout to fellow writers, published or not, you are incredible creators of life. Read More
just a short story that i enjoyed writing. shoutout to everybody struggling with any form of mental health. let's spread love to all corner's of the earth. love y'all Read More
What will Widow do? Widow finds herself being followed by a strange but recognisable man. Her mother is afraid. Or is she? Is Widow's mother hiding a secret? Read More
Delusions of a time long past in the final thoughts of the insane, what are they like? To mould together the thoughts of a killer, with those of the innocent child they once were. Read More
A modern retelling of the classic story, Rupunzel, but with a few 20th century twists! Read More
A recently fired elevator inspector goes on a safari. Read More
Hi, This is blind love, a friendship story, where the character of this story met through a common friend and their love grown. As time passes their story takes a blind turn and a beautiful story get dissolved in seconds. Here you go.....hope you will enjoy it. Read More
A short fantasy story about an elf in the forest of shadows. Read More
A bad break-up sends Jeremiah to the bar with the intent to find a rebound, but what he gets instead is a night full of dolls. Read More
The Demon Of Minos is edited/revised by Gene Santiago, and all creative liberties made here were only done for entertainment reasons only. The Demon Of Minos contains a lot of explicit content in it, so only people who are 18 and above should read this short story. Read More
I'm afraid I don't want to provide any spoilers. Read More
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