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The Booksie Classic House

In a world where innocence is beautiful. And beauty is dangerous. Read More
Before you know your wait is over. Read More
In which she was an internet obsessed daredevil and he had better plans. Read More
Trigger warning: story is based off a true story and does contain content of suicide. This is my story of suicide, and I share this story to show how it is not the answer. Read More
Okay, so. This being my first piece of writing on this site I hope to see some positive feed back! This short story is of a normal everyday guy helping his Grandma but the atmosphere of the book quickly changes as dangers and bad decisions take their toll. Read More
it is about two lovers, the story speaks for itself. Read More
She was the antidote to his insanity. Her lips were warm, and soft to the touch. Her elegance radiated with the beauty that she accompanied, and her boldness was something that most women lacked. It pulled him in. Her innocence; the way Georgia portrayed herself with such vulnerability, and yet,… Read More
Victor and his friends are on a tight schedule to visit Air and space museum but a series of unexpected funny events change their plan. Read More
What people don’t understand is that addiction is a disease. It is a corruption of the mind that could take hold of anyone if they are vulnerable enough to fall into it’s trap. It’s an out of body experience; an uncontrollable obsession that kills the most damaged of all. Read More
The final dance between lovers Read More
Ananya was traveling to Mumbai to attend her cousin's wedding. Everything was fun only until she encounters something very strange. Read More
a short story that had to contain three words in it; amulet, ex-girl/boyfriend and home Read More

Book / Fantasy

February 16, 2016

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The House of Ghosts House

A Short story I'm writing in parts. I'm trying to get a different view then the one most people write from (The classic "heroes" point of view.) Read More
The apprentice cast a spell...and messed up big time. Now it's found its way out of the locked cupboard and wreaking havoc in the manor. The apprentice is hot on its trail, and praying to catch it before the master finds out. Short. Read More
Is the myth of the cave, where those who enter do not come out, real? Read More
A thousand years ago and order was formulated with the soul intention of hunting down and wiping out all Dragons and Dragonkin that haunted the lands of the Seven Nations. Read More
A short story I wrote awhile back. It is a Alice and Wonderland spin-off with a slightly horrific twist. Read More
BENEDICT She was staring at him before, wasn’t she? Yes. She was staring at him. Maybe she liked him. BEATRICE He was looking at her! He caught her staring! She tried to act nonchalant and looked at someone else as if she had been profiling everyone instead of just him. Read More
Two guys. One girl. Who will Kimberly pick. Caleb, the guy that is right for her, who is fighting fair and falling fast or Seth, her dead best friends ex husband. Read More
Fan fiction prequel to "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson, taking place 70 years before it. This is just a section I've completed so far, which would go somewhere before the middle of the story. Read More
And then Old Nash decided to die next morning ... ... ... ... ... ... Read More
Hi, this is a short story that I created a few years ago. It's partly my imagination and a true story but as a whole it's the first adult/teen adult story I've written which I am confident enough to share online. It isn't perfect or complete and I would like… Read More
The Hellions and The Banishers have a centuries old rift which is about to come to a defining moment which could change everything for both clans. Read More
First short story posted. I hope you guys like it (: Read More
This a story for my workshop I did following a specific prompt. A man guilty of a crime flees through the woods only to realize there are other factors standing in his way of escape. Perhaps forces that are even out of his control.. Themes include basic morality, karma, and… Read More
Two kids from Alaska, go on a late night fishing expedition, but instead of catching fish like they planned, they caught something else.....But the real question is, what is this mysterious being's intentions? good..or something much more sinister... Read More
English is not my 1st. language, incase of bad grammar. This is a short text about my feelings towards my dad. Read More
Do you remember the day all you had to do was go outside and play with nothing to worry about? When you didn't care what anyone thought of you? Yeah me too. Read More

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Short Story / Young Adult

March 31, 2015

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The Booksie Classic House

The thoughts that flood our mind can sometimes be confusing. We may even feel that dealing with it can become tiresome. This story revolves around that idea. We meet a guy in class who questions his position in his romantic life, and how that spawns many more problems that he… Read More
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