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The mind of a depressed person. Read More
This is just a short sneak peek at the story I am writing. It may not be much but I am hoping to get some feedback on it. Whether I should continue on with this story, etc.. Read More
A boy has been enslaved since the day of his birth. His mother is long gone, and he knows nothing of his father. In an attempt to escape and find him, the boy has escaped captivity and his journey begins. Will he escape? Read More
Noah Johnson is a sweet guy that cares for his girlfriend Addison and his daughter Hope but unfortunately he abused PCP also known as Angel Dust. Addison struggled for many years trying to save herself and Hope but she failed. She became numb to her home environment and it took… Read More
I wrote this i guess you can say when i was feeling depressed and i could relate essentially i guess its about me. Read More
Michael has prepared a picnic for his wife, but it may not go the way you'd expect Read More
Acheron, a city created to be a prison. To save money on taxes, the country just dumped their criminals there. The dense walls that surrounded the city locked them in permanently. However, time passed and the government stopped bringing people. Months after the supplies stopped. The city was abandoned to… Read More
A short One Act Play about a Woman from a Devout Catholic Italian American family who finds love and breaks her families traditions in the process. She's been keeping a secret for a couple of years, that she know will devastate her father mostly. Read More
Short story about a childhood friendship between a male and female who lost connection writing each other letters about what has happened to them in life while the other was gone. Read More
Hypophrenia: A feeling of sadness seemingly without a cause Read More
A father checks on his daughter late on night, and has a small talks that will free them both. Read More
A young man on the brink of his own destruction hoping that the one he loves will be there through the entire hardship. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Fantasy Short Story contest!!!!!! Read More
For those who want a second opinion, to see how someone may view their work, and/or if aspects of their story are up to par for the entire work - welcome to my shop! I've owned this review and advertisement shop for three years now and am expanding to fanfiction… Read More
A person gets job in a world famous technology organization, TRAY, without any reason. In his attempt to find the reason, he stumbles upon things that shock him. Read More
cat is mourning the loss of her long- time bff bart and attends his funeral, were she discovers something that she never knew was there. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A short story I wrote a while back for a lit class in high school, I chose to wrote about Palestine. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Aliens, Zombies, Mutants? What are they? That's for your imagination to decide. Taking a the second person story telling to a whole new level. Read More
I clawed at my skin and screamed at the air, because there must be something evil inside of me that killed my mother and destroyed my father from the inside out. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is my entry for StoryHeart's contest. Ileana George, who had always felt for her bestfriend was extremely happy that her love finally proposed to her on her birthday. However, her happiness was shortlived. Destiny snatched away her happiness and did such a thing that left her shocked… Read More
This short story is about a teacher heart about her students . Please give feedback so I can write better next time . I will absolutely read and comment yours if you comment . Happy reading everyone !!!!!!! :) Read More
This is for TheRedQueen's contest!!! (You should check it out!!!) Sam Hunts is a helpless romantic......with his ex-bestfriend, Penelope. And all he does is football, and the occasional writing in his journal. Will he be able to tell anyone about his burning passion of writing? Read on, please!!!! Read More
This is for Austin Converse 's Contest. 1,228 words total. Have you ever wondered what would happen if World War III DID happen? Would someone take over? What if the dictator was YOU? Well, what if you have the chance to see a bit of the future, and found out… Read More
Hey guys!!! So, I have wanted to hold my first contest, so voila!!! This is a contest to write a short story in the Romance Category. More info down below!!! Read More
The lost love between Xavier and Tabitha, as they are separated their hearts yearn as they finally manage to contact each other. It is a difficult time on the small island of Quinto, as new stricter, unbearable laws are passed through King Cassius. These letters will reveal how and why… Read More

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June 20, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

The streets are empty. There are two sounds; footsteps and screams. It's cold and foggy today, but I'm sweating. I've been running for quite some time and I was almost there. I was so close. Just a little while longer and I'll be safe. I'll be warm and protected. I… Read More
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