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Girl who has been dreaming all of her life. Her whole life was like a fairy tale. Living in happiness, she itself was the happiness it self until her prince..... She went mad. Kind of a fairly tale. And horror. Read More
A little short story I wrote when my friend gave me an idea. Kinda depressing and triggering, so take caution when reading. Read More
This is just a short story I came up with. I wrote it to try to get rid of my writers block and continue on some other pieces I'm working on. So far its complete- I haven't decided if I want to do anything else with this story. Read More
This is the first of a series of books starring 4 main characters Elliot Cookson is the main man and his friends are introduced in this first book along with the nemesis that they are trying to defeat. Read More
My entry into Frootloop246's short story contest! My song is Carrie Underwood's - Before he cheats. Everly discovers through no circumstance of her own, her husband is being unfaithful. Read More
Chapter One of my short story "Darkness". Read More
A short scene - perfect? Maybe. Romantic? You decide. Read More
This is the begininng of my original short story Omata which explores the mental reflections of a teenage girl driven mad by the pain of memory before the people from Earth imperialized the distant planet of Omata. Read More
A funny read based on true events surrounding the topic of phobias and the hilarious stories that can emerge from one's fears. A Guarantee Must Read! Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Rosemarie Summers is the good girl at Anderson Prep. John Bahena is the bad boy who shows up at the beginning of junior year. Will Rose's good girl reputation go out the window once she falls in love with John? Will John change his bad boy ways for Rose? Read More

Short Story / Young Adult

January 05, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

He's a writer with a dark secret . . . and now everyone will be able to read his own story. Read More
This is life story of ALLEN he falls in love with AMY ..and how she likes him..they are meant to be together forever ...their love story seems to last forever until the truth comes out ,and the hearts are broken is shattered...... Read More
High school girl turns invisibleband pulles prankes and fights crimes Read More
A young woman working in a department store has a day filled with misadventure. Read More
In my child years I explore the depths of the forest, and reveal the secrets laced within. Read More
A boy asks his wise grandfather for advice of good and bad friends. Read More
Who knew a 25-watt light bulb for an oven could mean so much? Read More
This is a short story I'm writing for a competition. I would like it to add a little length to it, and make it better. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! Read More
Gavin, a former professor, is spending his retirement judging a writing competition. Pretty boring, until he stumbles upon a story with a great hook and a loaded visual aid. He must share this great find with his buddy Charles. But Gavin had been at the end of his friends jokes… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I just want to lay here Read More
This is based on a dream i had. I added to it to make it a story. Read More
Anastasia reached the safty of the camp for training. Read More
have you ever wanted to be somewhere else? ever wonder if there were another universe you could go to? read on and comment what you think of this wonderful place. Read More
This story was inspired by an awesome song called "Breakeven" by The Script. Summary: A man will do anything to keep his love happy, satisfied, pleased. Promises are kept- held fastly to his breast, but is there such thing as obsession? Is there such a thing called "Too Much Love"?… Read More
This is just a short story I'm doing for a Write4Fun competition and I thought I'd share it on here :) I hope you guys like it. Read More
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