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November 06, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

Teria Sokomi, a 16 year old girl that moved away from the shrine due to her father who passed away because of cancer and her mother wanting to live Okinawa. Teria decides to stay at Tokyo, and live in a apartment. During the weekend she goes to the grocery… Read More
“Used the job to get here, then the job got in the way. I know the feeling.” Cheryl is torn between her responsibilities to her friends and as an engineer aboard a space station and her dream: to explore the galaxy. Read More
I did a write up about my Garage. Its funny how one can come back to an old writing and how the writing refreshes the memory. Read More

Tags: music, man, art, cards, room, cave, shrine

My house is a shrine dedicated to the dead. It protects and holds memories things done and said. I am publishing this here to give you some idea of who I am. Hope you enjoy it. Susan:) Read More
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