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Shu, an light elf with unknown powers has no clue as to who his true family is. He was raised by a family of wood elves known as the Rimm family. He leaves the family to become a drifting mercenary in the vast land of Beldra and was banned from… Read More
The year is 2144. A simple video game has turned the world into a battleground. This is the Game Grid. Read More
My own character in the series the characters are not mine except the main charcter (the land of faerie is a place i made up) Every picture in here is not my ART Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a tale of warlords and warriors set around the Three Kingdom's era of Chinese history. While some characters, places and kingdoms may be seen in history this novel is not a Historical representation. The exploits of characters in this novel are ficticious. Read More
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