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Her little brother had friends. Or, more specifically, one friend. Read More
The Days of the Week, a family of seven, share their true thoughts on how they are treated. A little dark, bullying is a big part of this. Read More
Like the wind she moves faster than our legs can carry us. For when the wind slows, she oft will disappear. Read More
Two siblings have just graduated from high school. And they have a great plan to start off their summer. A certain machine they wish to make. But in order to produce this, they must retrieve special ingredients, from the Nightmare's Forest. A place inhabited by creatures who only come… Read More
Pacifica Ven is a psychologist and therapist that works at one of the highest security penitentiaries in the U.S. She has worked with a fair share of the worst of the worst criminals, but none will strike her as much as this one. One day, she's assigned… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Yentl Yehudah, caring and courageous adolescent carries a dark secret that may either pull her family together or end their lives. Read More

Featured Review by Sue Harris

"This is a stunning story, I'm breathless! I was so caught up in her family frustrations, the inequality, her controlled way of life and her reb..." Read More

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The Book Dragons House

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- This story is a work of fiction and in no way has any connection to a real person. - Do read this summary before continuing! Summary: This is a story about grieve and the sadness of losing your parents. Being the oldest of siblings… Read More
Who does my brother remind me of? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Jace and Mereline ventured into the cold streets, hoping to buy snacks, sweets, and other goodies in a local vending machine. Except, that machine has different plans in mind... Read More

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Poem / Poetry

September 17, 2017

What happens to siblings when they grow up. Read More

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No matter how big the fight. Siblings always cone back to each other. Read More
Read Peephole first, and this is the meat of my book. Read More
These siblings have been sent on a quest to find something more important than they know, but it isn't as heroic as it seems, the ghastliest thing they have encountered so fair seems to be the heat. They have landed themselves in Mexico but where will they end up? Read More
This story follows two siblings, Marie and Roger, who go on an unexpected journey when Roger does something he wasn't suppose to do- - mess with his younger sister's invention. I decide to look up practice writing prompts and choose this one: Stuck in the ‘80s Write a story about… Read More
I wrote this to one of my siblings. Because I want them to be proud and to know Im with them too. Read More

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Entry for the Booksie Spring 2017 Flash Fiction Contest. I hope you all like it! Thank you for reading! Word count: 200. Read More

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When siblings are raised with creative play, equality and good boundaries it creates an environment where each one can express their own unique character and calling. A similar childhood environment does not guarantee a similar life path, but it does solidify a friendship base among the siblings that can last… Read More
Eiji get's Asaka to the facility in time to save her. Hiro and Saburo get in an argument. Now Hiro and Taro have a fallout, Shiro and Arata come to terms with a past friend and Vanessa and Takumi take a new step towards their relationship. Yuki and Jake… Read More
This is a short story about a boy and his little sister. He loves his sister very much but thinks she is to little to do anything. But the little girl shows him wrong. Read More

Poem / Humor

April 13, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

Twins! Read More

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A story that gives account of what he calls his life changing event. Read More
A fictional script following 2 families. Read More
Twins Charlie and Eliza Makai move to a small but extravagent suburb and change the life of a sheltered but adventurous hometown girl. Read More
Short picture book I am testing out whether any interest. Read More

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Designed based off of the Legendary Hero himself, Yoshiro Miyamae, the Android designated Y0SH1RO, or Yoshiro as people call him, has to deal with the fact that he doesn't know his true nature and travels through Eltirana with the reincarnation of the legendary hero. The two of them get into… Read More
The fantasy world of Foursea is divided in four kingdoms: the Nymph, Magi, Elf and Dracul. While the kingdoms live peacefully, the proud Elves and the violent Draculs are mortal enemies, waiting for an excuse for a war. After the king and queen of the Draculs are killed in a… Read More
Young and naïve, a group of siblings decide to head down Summerville Road and camp out at an abandoned house. Reason they do so is because of the legend that lingers around about the road and the lone house on it. Those who go will never return as they say… Read More
Just a short story about a family situation that I heard about. Read More
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