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how my fiancés illness has changed our life and how I feel about it all...opinions? Read More

Poem / Humor

October 23, 2013

Our addiction to the use of cell phones. Read More
The last two boys in the world are quickly losing sanity. How does their friendship develop in a world of wicked innocence. Read More
*Inspired by real events in a real relationship between two people very dear to me* Both are broken, can love fix them? His wife had an affair and left him with nothing. Her husband made her feel like trash when she was at her lowest. He's willing to confess all… Read More

Book / Other

October 04, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

Raven is an ordinary high school outcast. Her only friends are Marshall and Devon, two gay lovers, and one special one. Only one no one can see. Her spirit protector, with no name other than Protector. And finally, he has a reason to protect her, when high school bully Danny… Read More
The thoughts of an old women who has gotten alzheimers. She sits alone in her room looking at an old photo album. Read More
When you are sick and feel like giving up or in.. the pictures in our minds that allow us to see death as part of life. Read More
i don't know where this came from but i hope you like it :) Read More

Book / Thrillers

August 09, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

When an incurable disease takes over most of the world population, the government does much of nothing to handle the situation. Corpses start roaming the streets, killing the living. The living causes mayhem and the government sets up shelters to keep them trapped and under control. One girl decides to… Read More
An African themed play, set in the village of Ajaku. Death and crises seem to be the order of the day. Osundun, the Priest is saddled with the burden of proffering a solution; the King and the entire people of Ajaku village looks up to him. In a bid to… Read More
The world has been split into four corners, each bearing the conditions of a season. The Core stands in the middle of it all, controlling the elements around the world. When the Chief of the South's daughter, Kyra, goes on a trip to collect rains for her people to end… Read More
Scarlet Pattin has always known the world to be free of sickness and disease. But when her father is diagnosed with cancer, the world seems to turn against her. She finds herself surrounded by danger. There is no where she is safe. Until she finds a group of people who… Read More
Love at first site? Could he of found someone he loves? but..theres a past of his he keeps hidden what if she finds out..will she hate him? And with her, she also has things hidden some she dose not even know about and never should but after a lose will… Read More
A short story I wrote about suffering from Eating Disorders. Read More
Not a god but rather a magickal incantation. Read More
A poem about a fictional god. Read More

Short Story / Young Adult

January 25, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

Maya was a fighter. Battling cancer for almost three years, she refused to succumb to the disease. But then about a month before Valentine's Day, she is admitted back into the ICU. With all dreams of going to her school's Sweetheart Dance lost, she meets Cameron, another cancer in-patient. The… Read More

Poem / Poetry

January 12, 2013

We are all human until our heart gets torn out. Some people will heal. Some people will die. And some people will turn into monsters that will take the world down with them, until they get what's theirs, or they have their vengeance. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is the story of a teenage girl whose mother lives in an asylum. She is adopted by a nice family and begins to feel whole again. There are a few things stopping her, from being completely whole. Dealing with a disease and having vivid dreams sometimes, even when she's… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A poem I wrote for my crush. Best described as a tragic (morbid) love story. Read More

Poem / Horror

November 13, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

his lips tasted of truth and sin Read More
An attempt by me to write of homecare for kittens which turned disastrous. I will make a LOT of enemies though this. Just wait and see. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The heartbreak and pain of being without someone you love. Unfinished and still in the process of editing (: Read More
The slow falling-apart of the Lara family. Read More
This is a modern adaptation from Mark 2:1-12. Read More
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