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Book / Fantasy

March 05, 2015

Llaiannileaf the Sidhe was alone, after her family disappeared into the flow of time. With the various multiverses disappearing, can the young Sidhe woman find what has happened to her family? Read More

Book / Fantasy

April 01, 2014

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Among the Daoine Sídhe, who are known to humans as faeries, the only constant lies in the balance of power between the Seelie and Unseelie Courts. When a human usurper with malicious intent steals the Seelie Queen's throne, the realm of the Fae teeters on the edge of bloody chaos.… Read More
Is a story about how a certain mythical creature came to be hope you like it! Read More
To some adults and most kids they believe in fairies but, some are skeptical about the existence of the fairy-folk. The history of Ireland is so ingrained with the legends and history of the fairy-folk they believe and quite offended see them running about the town or forests. Which in… Read More
This is the tale of a girl from a very unusual family. When her father is captured by the Kings army, she decides that she must save him. With the help of a few unexpected friends she embarks on the adventure of her life. Read More
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