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Kara is a young girl struggling to escape the perimeters of her patriarchal society in a small country in Africa. She runs away from an arranged marriage straight into the arms of a covert military group operating in the country. From a young and vulnerable girl, Kara excels into… Read More

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Church gals have no business dancing so closely with men and staying out so late... Read More
Home to Millions, Zoreda is a large country made of both of the countries we call The Americas. Juniper is a fourteen year old girl who now rules that country. War is upon her, and she does not know what to do. She hardly understands anything about this war. She… Read More
Chelsea Monroe has her own demons. And they're the only ones that know she exists. Sixteen-year-old Chelsea struggles with depression, and with good cause. She takes up a path of self-destruction, with her intentions of finally ending her living nightmare, but somebody steps in. Someone who wants to save her.… Read More
Elodie, a sweet little girl --or so everyone thinks-- talks to her close friend Zack, in an attempt to become closer. Main Characters: Elodie DeNiro - Vampire. Silas DeNiro - Elodie's human twin. Zack Kotecki - Elodie's also human friend. Supporting Characters: Alan "Dracula" - Silas' crush. George - Owner… Read More

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February 19, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

There was nothing more important to a wolf father, than to see his son marry a stunning wolf girl. But when a witch child curses the pack leader John, he finds his son cursed with a romance more forbidden than romeo and juliet. Read More

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