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This story is about a robotic teenage girl named Misike Hiroshi Chan. It is about her Realizing that she is a robot superhero and she has to get used to her powers. BTW the cover is anime. I drew it. It is a mixture of romance, mystery, adventure, ad fantasy… Read More

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For anyone looking for inspiration, writing tunes or something for writer's block! Read More
‘ROCKIN’ DOWN UNDER’-Describes the transition of Rock and modern popular music and Country music in Australia and New Zealand from its origins. Featured are descriptions of bands and solo artists together with discographical information Australia has a rich history of rock music and an appreciation of the roots of various… Read More
I wrote this short story for a contest called 'Happy Birthday' by future author. I hope you guys enjoy reading this one :) WON 3rd PLACE IN THE BIRTHDAY CONTEST :D Read More
Actors and singers are academics who have spent years and years trying to perfect their craft. Imagine the wrath of singers when they see cashiers without any college education getting on TV and becoming pop-stars in shows like American Idol. And still, it is the most wonderful profession on Earth… Read More
American Idol finalists recounts his moment at the top. Read More
If you had told Blythe Ryan she would be at a voice academy, learning to encode messages into spoken word surrounded by friends, she would think you were crazy. Big opportunities and friends were scarce in her life. Not big on speaking or showing emotion, Blythe hides behind her mountain… Read More
Stalkers... hidden in the background... it can't be healthy... facts should be looked at in a realistic light Read More
This is a poem with some of my favorite bands/singers and has some song titles/lyrics of their songs included in it with a little twist on some! :) Read More
Some people dream high, some steals others' dreams, some works hard to get their dreams and some get it easily. Beyond this dreams are bigger things. To save the falling Gaerim Arts School, ten students would be personally picked. With ten different personalities chasing dreams, they will find friends, rivals… Read More

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I just see hats everywhere, and, well, I thought I would say thank you to them. They really do a lot for a lot of folks. NOTE: The hat in the picture is, in fact, my hat, whom I would like to especially dedicate this too. Read More

Book / Romance

February 01, 2011

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Valerie Chen goes to Japan for a spring holiday. During there, she lives with her dad’s friend. Her dad’s friend is rich and owns a mansion. In the mansion, there are 4 bachelors and one will one day inherit the mansion as her dad's friend does not have a heir.… Read More
Lucy Montgomery is more than your average actress. she has the face of everyone, yet no one. her voice, as perfect as a raindrop in an ocean, can spread little white lies without thinking twice. her big blue eyes know its way to melt someones heart. Lucy is the girl… Read More

Book / Romance

September 06, 2010

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A band bonded through the struggles and hate for one another, fight to take on the world. That’s right with the incoming of Glare Childs into the famous Outcast band changes have to be made. Jayden Winchester would fight until his last breath, or beat the hell out of his… Read More

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When Marianne moves to Boston, she doesn't expect anything especially interesting to happen to her. Then she is sucked into the city's underground music scene, where the rivalries are fierce and the competions are even fiercer. Read More

Poem / Poetry

December 20, 2008

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The first thing that strikes the passengers is their unusually shrill, nasal voice. Read More
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