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WHISPERS The ocean. Beautiful, terrifying, and unpredictable. Humans have only brushed the surface of this mystifying world. They're too loud, too chaotic, to hear the whispers of the sea. But some listen. They hear the songs of the sirens, the bloodcurdling cries of the mer, and the call to battle… Read More

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Short Story / Fantasy

July 23, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

I don't know why I wrote this, but here it is. Read More
One night as I laid in bed after slaving away in the sun, I heard a beautiful voice. Read More
Mia has grown up alone in her tower. Her only comfort is her voice for many years until one day she escapes her father's care and finds herself seeking her missing mother along with the secrets of her past. She ends up at Torrhen Academy, but things are only just… Read More
This book is a mixture of Fantasy, Romance, Humor, and Adventure! Oh, and mystery. I hope you like it! Love, Marrenete Read More
This book is a mixture of fantasy, comedey, romance, and anime. Enjoy Reading, Marrenete Read More
Jackie wants to be a sailor in a time when females aren't allowed to be sailors. She will do whatever it takes to get what she wants, no matter the consequences. Read More
Gotham City Sirens unite to save Gotham City and rescue Batman, Joker and rest of Gotham villians before it is too late. Read More
we all have that one person, or are waiting for that one person we can call true love. yet, some people become obsessed with someone, and things lead, and escalate when it wasn't true love, just obsession gone too far. Read More
I cannot forget that voice. I've told so many people, but the thought won't leave me alone. I remember every detail. That voice was so calm and serious. I was so afraid. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Their relationship can survive anything. Supernatural secrets, sadistic sisters, memory loss, and a dangerous brother. But it's no longer about Evrett and Lena. It's about the entire town of Pearl Cove. Turns out, legends are real. Prom? Doesn't matter. Graduation? Doesn't matter. For Lena, it's Evrett or Leo? Humanity of… Read More
In the world of heavy metal, things are getting serious. After the funeral of Mitch Lucker, of Suicide Silence. Oliver Sykes, of Bring Me The Horizon, has a mental breakdown and recruites other bands to join him on a war against the world. Can the music ever save them or… Read More
When a farmhand is tending to his father's fields as usual. Then he hears the sirens calling to him from the ominous forest. Curiosity leads him to the woods where he discovers his fate. Read More
Follow Patrick as he follows a girl to a new destiny but also a deep dark secret Read More
Girls becoming so obsessed with vanity & themselves that they become sirens, being forced to eat or suck the life out of humans in order to stay beautiful and young. But this world for a new mermaid isn't as easy as it seems, with all the girls being too attached… Read More
Philip is a paranormal investigator who lives in Detroit, Michigan. he meets fellow Vampire, Fredric, to find Philips son Jeremy after his disappearance. Philip saw him disappear along with hearing a slight singing voice. This has Vampires [for the people who still love Twilight] and lots of other things. Hopefully… Read More
This is just a Profile of characters for The Mystica Series. This will be updated every time a new chapter is made for The Mystica Series Read More
They live in the world of Greek mythology. They are known among sailors as the seductresses of the sea. People think they are not real--at least not anymore. Did they ever truly exist? Have they died off? Or does their mysterious island still appear to a few unlucky sailors? This… Read More
When Saya's younger sister Kaya is killed, she quickly runs off to assassinate the killer. Little does she know that her sister's supposed killer is her husband to be. With a war already raging about in a country close by, will Saya risk her country's peaceful way of living for… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A futuristic journal following the life of Lee Covington as he sinks deeper and deeper into the mysterious new world of the Collective Dreamscape Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Lena has done the best she could to create a home for herself in Pearl Cove. A big part of the help with the adjustment is her amazing, supernatural boyfriend, Evrett. But what happens when he is no longer part of the equation? His absence is only another crack in… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Sixteen year old Sandra Shan dreamed one day she would be a marine biologist. What she did not realized that her connection to the sea goes much deeper than she realized. Descended from an ancient race of mythical underwater creatures, Sandra must accept her legacy and her destiny in order… Read More
The sirens lure their prey. Read More

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