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A Marauders story starting from their very 1st year at Hogwarts, All the way to their last. Seperated into 7 books. Read More
It's been three weeks since the young rebel Sirius Black has left his parental home and was banned from the prestigious Black family. Meanwhile, he's staying at James Potter's house along with his best friend, Remus Lupin. But there's one thing he can't escape - his painful memories, and eventually,… Read More
James Potter, raised in a Pure-blood wealthy family, has always had life handed to him. No one has ever treated him unfairly, and he's pretty much used to an easy life. That is, until he goes to his first year of Hogwarts; where he meets the (annoyingly) attractive Lily Evans,… Read More
Do you ever get the feeling that you want to see more of your favourite characters in a book ? Well, I do. The world of Harry Potter and the characters that walked through the books made some of the best parts of my life. Snape is my favourite character… Read More
An alternate Harry Potter world. As the looming threat of the Prophecy is brought to the attention of the Order of the Phoenix, Sirius must protect and fight for his friends. This is the story if Pettigrew had never been a friend to Sirius, James and Remus. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Harry Potter fanfiction. I'm not usually one for fanfiction. But I've become quite a potterhead lately and decided to put my inspiration to good use.I don't know if this will turn into anything beyond this, but I thought I'd share what I have. Read More
Sirius Orion Black is an experienced playboy whose only joy seems to come from sex and picking fights. Alize Belinda Warren is a transfer student with a wild and mysterious past who has no interest in the man who seems intent on pushing her buttons. But Sirius doesn’t give up… Read More
A Harry Potter Fan Fiction piece. My take on the emotions faced by a teenage Sirius Black and how it's love that helps him make the right decision. Please make my day and review. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

what if harry was a girl, what if james had not been there on halloween, what if he was on a mission for dumbledore, what if he had raised Hayley, how would she have turned out. Hayleys first year at hogwarts, what will be different. breif metions of SLASH Very… Read More
Emily is your average eleven-year-old witch, despite the fact her dad is a notorious mass murderer in both the Muggle and Wizardry world. She lives with her mother at 12 Grimmauld Place in a Muggle neighborhood. Emily decided she would never ask her mother about her father, fearing an emotional… Read More
The sequel to 'Be Careful of my Heart...' is here! Maisy and Sirius are together, Lily is heavily pregnant and James is still acting like a five year old. Will life tear them all apart or will love keep them together? With Lord Voldemort becoming more powerful by the day,… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Lexie is a Squib. She works at the Ministry by chance, or someone felt some sort of sympathy. She's put in Sirius Black's department. He knows there's something different about her - no one is so clumsy and ignorant to magic as she? She may not be magical, but she's… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is Marauder Era Harry Potter Fan Fiction. After tragedy strikes at Beauxbatons Academy, the school is required to shut down. Several students are forced to transfer to the other magic schools in Europe. One of these students is Amelia Jordan, who, along with two of her siblings, is sent… Read More
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