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What does it take to reunite two sisters? Certainly not a ‘sweet’ old grandmother Read More

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Robyn is joined by her childhood neighbor Zavier in trying to find her little sister who has mysteriously vanished, but after investigating a bit too closely, they are met with a surprise that could possibly alter their reality for the rest of their lives. PART ONE ONLY. Read More
Msitu and Harmony Ametsenya are two impoverished orphans trying to navigate a world ruled be greed, selfishness, and ego. In a world where most people don't give a second thought to the people below them, Msitu and Harmony are among the lowest. Msitu is older and fiercely protective of Harmony,… Read More
12 Centuries ago, a war broke out between the four elemental gods. The only thing that can bring peace and order to their world is the crowns that were lost so long ago. Zeus and his siblings fought back against their awful father. In the aftermath of the battle Zeus,… Read More
The Thulaine twin sisters are both in love with the Reverend Gerald Gardner. He makes his decision: he will marry Verona, leaving Anica bitterly disappointed. But Anica doesn't accept her faith: she hires a private detective to look into the Reverend's privare life... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Twins on their way to dance, the end is tragic. Read More
Three daughters meet their father for a birthday celebration. He must choose which of them is best at living in the present tense. Read More
After an unforgivable betrayal, Meaghan cut off contact with her sister Laura. Now that Laura is dying, their father begs Meaghan to make peace. What Meaghan learns in the process tells her she was right all along. Read More
When the most important person in her life became a zombie Ellie did what most people would. She kept her. Fourteen-year-old Ellie has definitely had some bad luck the last couple of years. First, the zombies came. Then her parents became infected. All of that she could deal with, after… Read More

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September 12, 2022

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The Booksie Classic House

A blind girl receives a gift meant to help her. Yet she receives so much more. Read More
Many people have seen Beauty and the Beast. Many people see Belle fall in love with the Beast. What if Belle is in love with someone else? Prince Adam was a spoiled brat who was cursed by an evil witch named Rose. Only when Prince Adam learns to love and… Read More
steph evans is a brilliant computer scientist. for the past several years she has been developing a top secret military project that enables time travel. she finally has a breakthrough and finds success! everything is wonderful until she decides to use her new discovery to alter history… Read More
This Poem is dedicated to You, My Dear Everyone! Read More
When one of Elin's pranks on her older sister, Sophia, goes too far, she promises to stop her pranks and make up for it. Based on what happens next, Sophia isn't so sure Elin can keep her promise. Read More
The Bragstone girls are living with a curse, or a blessing some might say. Since the moment they are born their world is one of black and white. And the only way to get a world of color is by looking into the eyes of their soulmate. Read More
Five dysfunctional sisters come together to search for their missing parents. Read More
A short story of two spinster sisters of Black and Jewish heritage living on the lower east side of NYC. Read More
Close-knit lesbian sisters in the Hamptons find themselves in dire financial straits, seek the help of an older, well-heeled lesbian who becomes romantically involved with one of them, engendering jealousy and friction, with tragic consequences. Read More
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The Booksie Classic House

Kate McCallister dissolved into tears when the doctor announced the reason behind her younger sister, Reagan's recent bizarre behaviors. She had a serious mental illness. The illness made her do things she would have never done before she got sick, like marry an abusive man. Take a journey with Kate… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

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Featured Review by Sue Harris

"This was definitely not what I was expecting... you always do it, Hully, shocking surprises! Keep them coming... excellent!" Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

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South Carolina, 1961. When a prank goes wrong, that ends in the death of a sorority girl, it is closed for the next two decades. In 1981, the new group of girls do the same with Mrs. Slater, the house mother. Thinking she's dead, they are attacked by a killer,… Read More
After all the years we still gather at midnight. Read More

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