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Lily and Evelyn Evans were more than sisters; they were best friends. Despite the three years apart, they did everything together. After one last piece of advice, Lily was gone breaking Eve’s heart when it was ruled a suicide. Now all she has are the memories of her sister to… Read More
When God tells all believers just one verse they refuse to believe, it shows they have absolutely no faith in God; therefore God cannot be pleased with them. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Valentina has her Valentines day all planned out. She knows what dress she's going to wear, she knows how she'll do her hair, heck, she even knows who might ask her to the dance. But that changs when she's given a black rose by a secret admirer. She then has… Read More
When God tells this entire world of believers they have been deceived -- this entire world of believers don't believe the words of who they all claim to love and believe in. Therefore all through the Bible are words directly against them that they all refuse to believe. Get the… Read More
We all need to understand that what our words speak to others can never be erased -- so we need to really think hard and speak with intelligence rather than lashing out words never to be forgotten. Read More
The only way believers can ever understand God and prophecy is tho know who they are -- and in this world today few do with none knowing any more in this very deceived and misled human race. Read More
This entire world's civilization will be coming to its end slowly with only pain, suffering, torture, starvation, lawlessness and complete darkness far beyond any normal human mind can even begin to comprehend -- and all I do as a messenger from God with no worldly association in any way with… Read More
Today in this world when looked at in depth, nothing can be seen other than what the pathetic rule of man has done to all civilization; and now humanities destiny is known by only few according to God's own words over three billion believers do not believe because they are… Read More
Amber and her sisters are in trouble and they are against the one who wants to kill them most? Will they survive? Find out in this thrilling short story. Read More
God is love and this world is in darkness with a world of hypocrites speaking love, but having absolutely zero in their heart for others. Read More
We all are living within a world nearing its beginning of humanities end under worthless self rule. And believers in God are no more than a Ship of Fools through their disobedience in not believing anything God speaks against them all; and this writing shows the main ingredient they all… Read More
This entire human race is headed directly into disasters beyond words, yet nobody even knows, has any understanding or even believes God's own words all through the entire Bible giving clear instruction with a warning of disobedience -- and time is running out. Read More
Valentina has her Valentines day all planned out. She knows what dress she's going to wear, she knows how she'll do her hair, heck, she even knows who might ask her to the dance. But that changs when she's given a black rose by a secret admirer. She then has… Read More
"Shalom dads taking me away" Sasha said crying."You know why?" I said "Because he's getting you out of this horrible place,so be happy you're going...this isn't good for either of us it wasn't good for mum..." When 13 year old Shalom Derevenko thinks her sister is going to paradise; She… Read More
A way to look at the meaning of love with a genuine care totally unknown to most all people. Read More
Simple questions regarding what no one truly knows by thier own wisdom being foolishness to God. Read More
When truth is involved directly from the words of our Lord, over three billion believers do not believe what's spoken regarding how God views all humanity. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

taylor and jasmine hate each other they've never liked each other. but what they both dont know is that there sisters. just three years before taylor was born her parents gave birth to jasmine but they give her up for adoption becauser they caint afford to pay all her medical… Read More

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February 01, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

Adventure, Romance, Survival, Family... Everythings all here in this novel. Teresa, our veery own heroine, survived the ship explosion and... Read More
ever since kathline was fourteen years old she has been in love with seth her older sisters boyfriend.never in her dreams has she thought that seth would have second thoughts about his reletionship with her sister and never would she think that seth would ever be in love with her.… Read More
Just a very brief reality on how God views this world of believers. Read More
Clare has lost her twin sister, Alex. She can't quite remember what happened to her. That night,she has a dream...a flashback. Suddenly, everything seems so clear. Did she die? Or was she...murdered??? Read More
What our Lord clearly speaks, a world of believers refuse to believe; therefore have no faith and know not God in Spirit and Truth. Read More
Josephine L. Clinton is the best escort in her area able to provide not only the utmost pleasure but also seconding as a confidant of her clients. She listened to their every want, need, and complaint. Only problem is that something, or someone is working tirelessly to ruin her little… Read More
When we go through our existence within a life of difficulties, but have been chosen for a purpose, we just accept whatever our circumstance may be while dying to our-self as a self sacrifice for God's use. Read More
According to the only truth written in the Holy Bible, there is none out of over three billions believers that believe every written word of Christ being THE WORD. And humanity is in for the worst timesoftrouble ever before on humanity. Read More
Take the time to read what the words of God speak because they concern your own future and human destiny not taught in the religions of man scattered worldwide with different doctrines, ways, beliefs and traditions. Being I don't guess, interpret, use human wisdom or any of my own thoughts,… Read More
What the religions of man worldwide have never taught believers because shepherds themselves know not God in Spirit and Truth. Read More
A very short story regarding just how bad child abuse is as unknown with the true from God regarding false religions everywhere on earth also not known. Read More
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