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Poem / Humor

April 05, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

A poem inspired by the picture. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

About a girl who loves riding her brother's skateboard, and takes a long ride on it... Read More
This is my entry for TigerLilly97's The Object of Romance (Short Story Contest) My object was a broken skateboard. Freddy's life hasn't been simple for a very long time, but that all changes when Hope hurdles into his world. Nothing will ever be the same. Read More
Everyone has a story. The old man next door? He fought in a war and got a purple heart. Your best friend? She has cancer and is hiding it from everyone. And what about that guy whos locker is next to yours? He has liked you since kindergarten, when you… Read More

Poem / Poetry

February 21, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

Written: February 21st, 2013 Meaning: I've been skateboarding for 16 years now and even though it's one of my biggest passions in life, I've never written a single poem about it. So I finally decided to express my love of skateboarding through writing. Also, the trick being described in the… Read More
A small novel I started and editted slight (Draft form still) Read More
Brendan Benjamin and Brookelle Williams were the "perfect" couple, the envy of everyone at their high school. They seemed to have it all, they both were good-looking, and both had a passion for skateboarding. They loved each other immensely and it seemed like nothing could tear them apart. That, however,… Read More

Book / Romance

June 26, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

Adrian has a rocky background. She looks to being a tattoo artist and playing guitar as a way to escape the memories. But what happens when she is suddenly part of the popular band Playground Heroes? She makes friends along the way. But maybe one in particular is more than… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Ava Matthews has never had self-confidence. Her self-esteem has been beaten down by her peers. And when one person tells her everything she wanted to hear, she doesn't know how to react. She might end up ruining a relationship and friendship if she doesn't speak up. Read More
"No Dammit, I saw it first asshole"She yelled in my face. Damn skater chicks can be pretty fuckin vicious and so dam hot. I mean seriously damn. Read More
Sixteen year old Jaycee Scott is sick and tired of spending torturous Summers with her rich father in Chicago. This year, things will be different, that she is sure of. What will happen when she decides not to show up in Chicago? This Summer will be a never ender. Read More
Calli and Buzz are back! And so is Carter. Calli is about to leave for Chicago when she gets some terrible news.... Read More
The final heat of a skateboarding competition. Read More
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