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Paris- a big spell and con Read More
If you like stories such as Robinson Crusoe and Treasure Island you will definitely like this story that i have written. Read More
Aerie has a secret that becomes even too big for her to keep: At the outset, Aerie--the main character--sleepily lounges around the house. After a moment of forcing herself to stay awake, she gives up and decides to go to sleep. Soon, she becomes suspended in a dream involving a… Read More
This poem is about a demon known as the Reaper (Not the Grim reaper), i'm thinking of making this into a Novel? Any suggestions? Should i or not? I so why? :) Thank you Read More
"Beneath unsuspecting feet, the floorboards scream to be torn asunder--and looked up under." Read More
Trips to Baja California from the days before the roads were paved to various driving and fishing experiences. Read More
The news stresses me. Everyday some new sick headline strikes the news. I first wrote pieces of this poem around the time T. Martin was murdered by G. Zimmerman, a huge racism case in the United States. It seemed like the entire country came together to protest this murder of… Read More

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November 07, 2009

Lots of craniums All in neat little rows In the deep dark catacombs Far below the streets of the living Oh, tell me the difference For they’re all made of calcium and they all look just the same Was this one rich and that one poor? Was this one a… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

So this novel is based on the song Stiletto Sex by Myah Marie. I love that song. Read it n found out! Mysterious! Read More
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