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The tall, black-robe, scythe-wielder is having some difficulty tracking down his next victim. Read More

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Pants-loading! Read More

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I was bored and felt inspired so i decided wrote this. It's not finished and has a lot of errors. I also think I need to expand my descriptive writing a bit because it feels not very descriptive. Would love any comments on what you think. I also realised there… Read More
tyler star and john moon go skydiving but it turns out to be the worst day of tyler's life. Read More

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April 23, 2014

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I've had this story for a long time, I just want to post it and get some feedback. It's a very short blip about a man jumping from high place, and his contemplation on the way down while a police officer attempts to save his life. ALL feed back is… Read More
You've decided to go skydiving, but your instructor loses consciousness... Read More

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A first-time skydiving adventure. Read More
Jesus and Santa's brush with skydiving greatness. Featuring Jesus and Santa as they appear in the novel Jesus Vs. Santa by Harlowe Pilgrim. Read More
Evelyn Sandreina, a fifteen year-old girl from a old, rich and myth surrounded family, gets her world turned upside-down when she finds out that her grandmother wasn't telling her a bunch of old legends, she was teaching Evelyn history. She finds out that she was born to hunt down and… Read More

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I was reading the latest chapter of Madison Connor's "Abnormal Humanity" and I suddenly had this image in my head. So, if you like it, thank Madison and if you don't, yell at me and tell me why you didn't! Read More
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