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Book / Romance

November 17, 2018

From childhood to adolescence and to adulthood, they somehow always end up bumping on each other regardless of the time and distance that life has placed between them. After years of knowing each other but not knowing who they really are, they blindly tried to grasp onto something that always… Read More

Book / Horror

June 05, 2018

Foggy as my childhood memories may be, the need for hospitals and schools was something I didn't get. Imagine my surprise, however, when I came to learn that I'll be spending the rest of my life in an institution with both- so far away from home. The condition was… Read More
just a eighteen year old girl who then gets broken up with, bumps into a girl at an airport then a mess ensues when she begins to get a crush on the girl's brother who has an abusive girlfriend...what could happen when its Estrella Luna's world? Read More
vanessa gets in a lot of trouble over going to one party with her best friend amber... Read More
For thousands of years there has been a league of assassins. Taken from their homes as infants, they are raised to be cold and cruel killers. To the few that know they exist, they are known as the Mille. The rules are simple. You are assigned kills… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Privilege and power breed recklessness; when combined with pure morality they form a force of nature. No amount of difficulty will keep Christine, a young sorceress from a cursed land, from destroying an injustice that has ruined the lives of a father and his daughter. She could never have predicted… Read More
When zir Great Uncle returns from the dead and joins forces with a powerful sorceress to destroy zir family, ze must team up with Jefferson, the vampire ze has been actively avoiding, and find a way to save them. There are other developments that raise the stakes and tangle more… Read More
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