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This about a raccoon named Sly, I am BookGirlEmma's little sister! I am five and my sis is writing this for me! Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The Clarks and the McNilsons have hated each other ever since the Clarks moved in next door. Mr. McNilson and Mr. Clark are always competing for 'Best Decorations' during the holidays and 'Best Yard' the rest of the year. And Mrs. McNilson and Mrs. Clark are always competing for best… Read More
This a play about a 16 year old girl whose life has changed from her father dying at 14 to her mom remarring the "man of her dreams". But its not a dream come true after all which leads her to cutting. Read More
Ladies and gentleman, prepare for the worst... Read More
Panhandlers beside the road Pleading for money to buy food Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Here is a play on words-4 or less letters to be sure. Try to make sense of it. It`s left to you. I`ll make whatever sense I want. You`re free. I`m free. Happy American Thanksgiving! Freedom is is the verse. Freedom is the openess of expression. So it is here! Read More
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