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Eren dosn't know what to get Alain for christmas. in a last minute effort he puts something sexy together. Slash established S&M relationship. Smut and little fluff The Character Alain belongs to a friend of mine the rest is my own. Read More
A man who has lost his world and a woman full of ecstasy, and an interrogation technique that is not of practicality. One piece of my mini-series. Can you unravel the timeline. Read More
TKS(trouble K-pop stars) is a new k-pop rookie group under SM Entertainment, they recently just debuted, but the trouble that they go through and the hards time, will they stick together?? The members are Daiz: Lead Rapper, tom-boy, very much like F(X) Amber Liu Chantelle: Lead singer, girly girl, loves… Read More
This is the english essay I did. It is about Kim JaeJoong, my love. it is a dramatic monologue. Read More
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