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A new foal is in the stable and she's embarrassed that she's not like the other young horses, but is there someone in the stable that shares her shame, too? Read More
I am confused. I'm remembering the good times we had together, and our first bliss kiss. I hope you like it :) Read More
Gazelle, a 32 year old Giraffe's owner Gingi knows Gazelle will die soon. Gingi tries to explain to Gazelle what will happen, and this is their conversation. Read More
This lioness won't give up. She has 5 cubs, but her mate is no where to be found. Can these two reconnect so the cubs can know their worthy father? Read More
In this country, a man sits; thinking while the souls of wholesome people play at night. Read More
This town is not a place of smiles. Will there ever be a time when the townspeople smile again? Read More
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