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A note to both, a name now known...But why did Faith do what she did? And what did she mean 'I am just a pawn. You are just a pawn'? What the hell was going on? Read More
Beth is in a rut with a woman who knew his late brother a little too well, now he wields a gun to his head, hoping to give him the same fate. He's full of rage but he knows he can't act out on the streets. Will she pull the… Read More
Detective Beth; a man who has been in the service for most of his life, running private errands for mostly women who think their husbands are cheating on them. But he became fixated on finding out who shot down his partner and brother, Casey. It took over his life until… Read More
The cover for the short story I'm going to write. Hope it sells to you guys! Read More

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