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The Alliance between the Jedi and Sith is shaky, Arcann is growing stronger and 5 young 16 year old jedi known as Alex, Lily, Brianna, Shawn and Cody are in need of hope. After a visit from Arven, Scarzon and Antonio Sestral they reveal a secret Enclave of Jedi that… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A month after Antonio Sestral joins Han Solo and his crew, they form the Enclave of Treasures (a group of Smugglers, Heroes and warriors who are hunting for treasures and to defeat the Sith Empire) and they establish a base on Yavin 4. Now the Empire has sent out a… Read More
A smuggler about to be sentenced to death is offered one last chance to correct his past and find purpose in his life. He's on the run, but he has one last job to finish before he submits to fate. My first story, and possibly the start of a series. Read More
Follow the adventures of the ragtag crew of the EC171 Marauder in a very dangerous and dark galaxy. Danger lurks around every corner. Vol 1 begins with the introductions to the characters and world... Enjoy... Read More
A smuggler desperately tries to stick to her morals as she works a morally corrupt task of interplanetary human trafficking. Read More
So in my old account I started the Peddler and then working with Life Reaper we made teamed Peddler up with Grim and others and we had a new adventure. But... this is the Peddler's pov of things, from the creator of the entire peddler universe, lol, enjoy. -Warning- I… Read More
I am a sort of fan-ish of star wars and after watching the movies again I wondered what happened after episode three so this is a story of a kid jedi surviving the massacre and finding himself partnered with a criminal escaping to meet a girl older than him that… Read More
When a dangerous criminal is released from jail after serving twelve years of his tripple life sentence, havock breaks loose as SKA gets back into action, killing like they never did before and only one group can stop them, Anti Killers Corporation. Read More

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September 22, 2007

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The Booksie Classic House

The strange retelling of the adventures of the Peddler, a careless smuggler who somehow always manages to get into trouble. Read More

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