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I do not own copyrights to any of the characters. It is a random one-shot of one of my imaginations of how Severus's past might have been. Read More
I've never done a fan-fiction before but for the longest time this is what I wanted to do. This is the story of Harry Potter, through the eyes of Severus Snape. I hope you enjoy :) Read More

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September 10, 2012

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Snape and Lily fell in love...They got married.. But what happens when Snape must leave Lily for a job Dumbledore gave him.. And What if Lily was pregnant with his child when he left? Sophia's Story happens! Read More
Camara Semton is not any normal thirteen years old. For the first, she isn't thirteen. Her age is around 2800 years old. She age very slow, and is the last female of her sort. She is a magican, and thought she knew everything; Until Albus Dumbledore found her and took… Read More
Severus Snape: The Ever Series Book One: Ever Author: Athena Severus Snape embarks on a journey from innocent adolescence to corrupt adulthood. Haunted by dreams of hope and light, he tries to find solace in a life full of hatred and darkness. And decisions he makes when he is at… Read More
SPOILERS!!!!!! I've never written a fan-fiction story before. I'm always worried I'd ruin the original story for myself, but after seeing a picture of Snape and Lily (from Harry Potter) together, I had this urge to write something. The Snape/Lily love connection is by far my favourite, and although Fred's… Read More
A thought strikes harry over the summer while doing dishes. With all the muggleborns in Hogwats why has no one suggested Dawn to Snape? crack fic Read More
Sapphire Snape is the daughter of Severus Snape, the Potions Master. She doesn't know who her mother is. When Sapphire arrives at Hogwarts, she discovers many secrets about her past, present, and future life with her best friend, Rochelle, who just happens to be Draco Malfoy's twin sister. What will… Read More
Ariana Linnette Johnston, was only 2 years old when her 'Parents' died. She was sent to an orphanage for 3 years until a strange man, that resembles her decides to adopt her. This mans name is Severus Snape, and he wants whats best for Ari. When Ari has to transfer… Read More
Lily's parents leave her at the potter residence before her seventh year. Did Lily always hate him? Or she never really did???? Read More
Hello and welcome. I had better warn you all that this blog is indeed an ongoing fanfiction blog and none of it is true. (Of course.) Any characters mentioned within are copyrighted to their respective owners. (IE: J.K. Rowling and me) It is based on Harry Potter and follows my… Read More
I wrote this awhile ago. It's from Severus Snape's point of view regarding his feelings for Lily Evans that are revealed in Deathly Hallows. Read More

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