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What gets a man in his 40's angry... not much!Comfortably Vexed Read More
Car trouble is addressed by my knowledge of movies... what could go wrong! Read More
A bit serious this time around. My target... that expensive box that sits above my TV, that beams 6000 channels into my room, that I don't watch! Read More
Here's a popular one from last year. Enjoy. We all love a god deal... but fighting over a crap TV?!?! Read More
Who would have thought such horror could be found at a bookshop! Read More
We see them everywhere. They are here. They are you! Read More
Getting old is tough... with the need for all those damn young people in my office reminding me! Read More
Finding God isn't easy, even harder when the IP address is wrong! Read More
What can I say, the criminal life ain't easy. Read More
My phone signal woes, all laid out for your amusement. Enjoy! Read More
The coffe shop culture just baffles me... read on to understand why. Read More
This week, I was sick. Read all about my close shave with death! Read More

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