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A lady in her late 25s, dark-haired, disciplined and punctual, with a mind blowing personality and amazing figure. Years ago, she was even naïve and was recognized on part of her exceptional research work in the field of biochemistry to get personally recruited by a well - funded company. However,… Read More
A short story about a mysterious and deadly sniper, well known in the black market, comes to a quite town to kill someone. But obviously, it did not go as planned... Read on the find out... Read More
A story of the price of betrayal. every choice has a consequence. She chose to betray the wrong man. now he is on the hunt for her again. what will the outcome be when he finds her. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A moment of reflection. Cover image: Read More

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Featured Review by Sue Harris

"A very well written story, tension builds really well and the inner conflict of the sniper so believable. Great job, Hully. " Read More

"He knows what to do with a rifle," Maj. John Plaster, a retired Green Beret sniper instructor, told ABC upon seeing the shooting tapes. "And he has the judgment and discipline to take a shot, wisely choose an escape route, and immediately depart to avoid capture. This is not a… Read More

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A piece of flash fiction depicting the process a sniper goes through, preparing to take his shot. It explores human nature and thoughts, and attempts to highlight the senses. Read More
A soldiers story of the road back from hell part 1 Read More
This episode is basically a continuation of VEGAN WARFARE, I wasn't as passionate about it, but I still hope you get a good laugh out of it, or just enjoy reading it in general :) Read More
Snipers are skilled military shooter detailed to spot and pick off enemy soldiers from a concealed place. They typically have highly-selective or specialized training and use high-precision rifles and optics, and often have sophisticated communication assets to feed important combat information back to their units or military bases. Wesley snipes… Read More
This poem is about a presumptuous sniper that loves to give people his special surprise. Read More
Just a little thing I put together. Read More

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Tags: military, war, sniper

A German sniper trying to stop the Soviet advance at an abandoned farmhouse near a field. What started out to be a simple reconnaissance mission turned into something bigger. Read More
The prequel to the story so far, Rising Star before Mathew Stone came along, it features bank robbers, a sniper and still a ton of training and fighting. Read More
Written in first person, we follow the events to follow the troubles of a British Sniper Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

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In a post apocalyptic world there are few survivors from the war between the Government and the people of the United States of America. But there are still different malitas and rebel forces. A girls has made it on her own for two years, but that is all about to… Read More
The story brings into light the struggle and strife of war through the eyes of an ordinary young man on the aftermath of his deployment to Iraq. After being embarrassingly fired from his meager-earning job at the gym, Mark's life takes a wild turn when he decides to join the… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A book which follows seargent stryker and his men under his command through tours of duty through afghanistan, iraq, and more. Read More
The original true vision of the book, Tiberius Rising by me, Jace Connors. Read More
A man sits alone atop a hill. His rifle firmly grasped in his hands, he is ever patient. This is just a short story inspired by the zombie survival game "Day Z". Might be interesting for some. I thought i would share it and see what happened. Read More
Medic has no family and his misses has left him, where is he going to go for the new year? Author note:I tried doing a audio but I bet I kinda failed, I hope get some feed back on it if I should do it or not. Read More
A disconnected German soldier faces the horrors of war in Leningrad, Russia 1943. Feedback appreciated. Read More
A sniper from the Irish Civil War is given a target, but the target proves to be more than just the average man. Read More
A new member of the Team Fortress takes them by surprise. She calls herself the seeker and the team finds that she is very clever with her tactics, but there something that she isn't telling the team.What happened to her in the past? And Why is she here? Read More
An assassin meets his nemesis in another assassin. Read More
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