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The problem with hierarchy, and why its time for replacement has come. We've been doing management all wrong, according to this one passage of Scripture attributed to Christ himself.... Read More
Up until now you may have thought of the Old Testament in the Bible as being a primarily Jewish document, written by Jews for other Jews, but that would be an incorrect assumption. There are many parallels between the Judaism of old and modern Christian church denominations. You just have… Read More
The recent legislation passed here in my own state of Georgia by current governor Brian Kemp making abortion illegal after the 6th week of pregnancy is sure to wind up in the courts. Here is my side of the story from the perspective of a minister. Read More
Coming this fall from Author Rev. Paul J. Bern: Five years in the making, this first of a series is a lot more than just a compilation of Bible studies. This collection studies presents them from broader perspectives that are much more applicable to modern life than one might expect.… Read More
For those of us who count themselves as followers of Christ, Jesus said a lot of things that would offend a lot of people, especially religious conservatives. It's a good thing they don't read their Bibles. My goodness, they could otherwise run into something they would be unable to face… Read More
Universal Basic Income -- the idea of everybody getting a small sum of money each month -- seems like a great idea on the surface, but there are problems with its implementation. Universal employment, on the other hand, could be made to work, and work well.... Read More
What was formerly known as the Progressive Christian Blog, also as the 99% Blog elsewhere, have been combined into the new Social Gospel Blog, which will be published every Sunday evening. Supplemental postings consisting of free excerpts from my books will also be published regularly, even weekly when time permits. Read More
This is the first installment devoted to the upcoming release of this book series, which will occur this coming Fall, or about 6 months from now. Titled, "The Social Gospel Series volumes 1 and 2" by Rev. Paul J. Bern will explore the writings of the apostles from a fresh… Read More
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