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this is a social history about a crawford family that probably originated in scotland and over time lived in ireland, australia, england, america and south africa. Read More
A History of Watsons Bay, known as Courmangara by the Birrabirragal people of the Dharug nation, prior the invasion and settlement of Sydney Harbour by the English in 1788. The first section is the Birrabirragal history of country. Only one chapter completed and awaiting approval by indigenous people before completing.… Read More
In 1969, at the height of the Cold War, historians Adrian Coombe and Tulpe Vellum are cruising down the Rhine in search of mediaeval artefacts for their University. Eccentric Carolingian Judge von Metzenburg persuades them to take him immediately to the Black Forest Frankenrichter Court House in exchange for valuable… Read More
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