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March 7, 2008: Decided to re-write this to focus on "Domestic Care Givers" only. Will leave the original text. Readers may wish to comment as to which is the more positive and has a greater chance of reaching the largest possible audience. Convincing them of the need for this kind… Read More
Discusses how the concept of the Social Security Trust Fund has no basis in law and does not really exist. It is a myth put forth by U.S. politicians to allay the concerns of working Americans that their Social Security taxes are being safeguarded and properly invested for the purpose… Read More
Explains how Social Security "surplus" tax revenues are misused to reduce and, therefore, disguise the true size of the annual U.S. Federal Budget deficit and national debt. Read More
Explains how the American public's demand for higher government spending and lower taxes has impacted the U.S. Social Security System. With a view to the taxes collected and benefits to be paid in the future. Read More
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