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Slave girl Anastasia has been sold again, but her new Master is about to shatter the world she lives in and show her the reality of her new life with him. Read More

Book / Science Fiction

October 13, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

This is Novel number two, to Sold. I'm still working on the name so it may change, But we last left off, Allie has left the group not long after Jack came back from misleading their pursuers away from them. Allie is thinking going back to Roxie's, While leavin Colin,Maddi,… Read More

Tags: love, running, sold

Ever wonder what happens to some slaves when they're sold off? Well, here's a guess... Read More

Tags: gay, lesbian, women, men, sold

A re-vised version of my Novel sold. Read More

Tags: anger, money, action, sold

Visions of love and desire. Read More
Our former home has become an eyesore Read More

Tags: home, sold, unkept

12 beats upon the Rythmn in a rope-a-dope style erstwhile child of God Lyrical Miracle Mile Eyes of mine see Horizons witnessed Like a Jehovahs Witness sitting in a pew made for movement Doing Gods work behind the wheel steel radial player tho' make you look at collar rank Dub… Read More

Book / Other

April 05, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

Anya has been a slave ever since she can remember...When Joff buys her...At first he is curious about her submissive nature...Then he starts to grow more and more interested in his cute little neko pet... Read More

Tags: slave, neko, sold

The story revolves about a young poor girl who is sold to a brothel by her mother when she is eleven. She ends up in a brothel where she is abused and tortured. When she escapes she is handed over to a non governmental organisation where she learns that the… Read More

Book / Young Adult

December 07, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

Thorn's nightmare started when her parents sold her to vampires at age eight. Thorn will be a fine prize to be bided on at the sell when she turns sixteen. Read More
Michael "Rain" Dentri never figured his life would become so hectic the moment he fell in love with August "Scorpio" Edmunds. However when Hate crimes comes into play. And family, religion, sex, confusion all effect the everyday lives of the two, will they make it through? Or will their Love… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Sophia's day turns out diffrent that she expects when a stranger turns up and she has no choice but to go with him . Read More
Gaining exposure on the Internet has never been so easy! I recommend “Premium Promotional Tips for Writers” to writers and ALL who dream to be seen and heard on the Internet. Whether it be for fun or business, this inspirational book is a must read. The huge marketing benefits from… Read More
Another response to the novel "SOLD", about a young, innocent girl in rural India, who is taken away from her home to work as a prostitute in the Happiness House. She believes that once she gathers enough money to pay off her 'debt', she will be able to return home.… Read More
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