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The story is centered on a young soldier known as Anyao. It tells the story of his attempt to commit suicide, his conversation with a wandering writer he saved, and how he finds the meaning of his life before being killed in an atomic bomb hit. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

My first short story. Set in wartime, it's about loss and the narratives we tell ourselves. I hope you like it! (2300 words) Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Short story I made up a while ago about a soldier trying to get justice for his mother. Read More

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The Historical Fantasy House

In the tradition of Rashomon, three soldiers are interrogated about a dragon incident, giving three very different perspectives. Read More
Kill! Kill! Bayonet to his heart! Rip it out! To that heart too! Run! Slice him with your bayonet! You’re inside him. Cut! And cut! And cut! You kill. And kill! And kill! There is no battle. There is you surviving. You run around and cut them down. You get… Read More
I bound this work for those soldiers whose dedication make freedom for every home here. When I write this down, my feeling script the effort of peacekeeping mission in the failed states. I have written the title 'My People Wake Up' as if every human being on this Earth feels… Read More
Honoring my grandfather who fought in WW II. Read More
In 1763, Bombai, a young girl named Natrisha falls in love with a British soldier John. As her family and his fleets are both against it. Read More

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The one thing I didn't want to hear, I heard. Read More
With God in command, no one can go wrong. My poem. Read More
The bravery of a soldier Read More

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Poem / Poetry

April 21, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

For all those who have defended the country.My poem. Read More
A defender and a hero. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Chapter 1. The Beginning May 22nd, 1941, 5 A.m. At the London Naval Shipyard, Officers and sailors of two Battleships were being loaded and prepared to go into combat to hunt and destroy the Nazi battleship Bismarck. But one sailor never got his chance to fight because a spy working… Read More

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Michael Potts is evacuated from London to Devon during World War II. He is looked after by Mr and Mrs Shadrick, a middle aged couple who live on a farm. Mrs Shadrick is a serious woman with a list of house rules all of which Michael is determined to obey,… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A post-apocalyptic fiction short story Read More

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The Abandoned House

While exploring and looking for new stories The Bard meets members of an army and learn their story. Read More

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A poem about one of the best war veterans in history. Read More
I have two brothers and a lot of friends who are or were in the military. I wrote this for them. Read More
A poem about one of the best war veterans in history. Read More
A poem on Desmond Doss (Hacksaw Ridge). Read More
The DPO then turned around and faced the window again as he still mourned the dead senator. His door then opened and closed again. “I said you can leave me will …” The DPO swirled his chair and stopped short when he saw a strange… Read More
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