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War is always ugly and unclean. The Vietnam war was no exception. However, there was one major difference with this particular conflict. There never was, nor had there been, an intention to win. And, unfortunately, it was evident to the boys and men in the fields, swamps and jungles of… Read More
In an atmosphere of high anxiety, vulnerability and exposure 24/7, military men and women in a war zone immediately find themselves stripped naked of their individuality, privacy and intimacy. Service in Vietnam was no exception. Read More
comrades-in-arms - a timeless bond Read More

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There is a profound sadness and sorrow within me on Memorial Day. For to have known my friends you would have seen the promise and the passion that they had. To have known my friends you would have seen the sparkle in their eyes and the radiance of their hearts. Read More
Although young and innocent, I had seen how death comes and takes away the soul. And left behind were tears and loneliness and sorrow. I was too young when my grandmother passed way and I felt an acceptance and acknowledgement of what it meant to die. And there was closure. Read More
A fellow combat journalist who served with me in Vietnam confided in me not long ago, about how absolutely nothing could have prepared him or probably other young soldiers, for a place called Vietnam. Read More
I do not know the exact time or date that the first strike occurred or when the first barrage of deadly salvos were fired, or how. I do not know the name of the first casualty of the war, nor the place where they are interred, or who they left… Read More
Church bells ring, and a new born day rises in the east. It is the dawning of Christmas Day. It is the birth of new hope in the midst of the unaccustomed disquiet that plagues the American spirit. It is the ghost of the distant sound of Christmas past, wrapped… Read More
I saw the creature that is war, and I saw it devour and consume the innocence that was me. It was ruthless and pitiless, brutal and unfeeling. It was the hidden fiend within the hardened heart of the human beast within. Read More
I remember the many days and endless nights. I remember friendships and bonds that only a war can make. And I remember after all these many years, the emptiness that forever shrouds a human soul at having seen and heard the suffering, the agony and the death of dreams that… Read More
We were soldiers in an undeclared war, afraid to die, and afraid to cry. We were no heroes or brave young warriors. We were just innocent and naïve young boys and men, caught in a maze of entangled webs of lies and deceit. Read More

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In the mist of the fading wisps of smoke that drapes the darkening expanse of jungles and swamps along the desolate road to hell, he stands alone, grasping his M-16, depleted of rounds and hot to the touch. He is alone. The last man standing. The man with the golden… Read More
I was one of the lucky ones. I did not earn, nor do I deserve gratitude. I, and so many others, who experienced Vietnam, were just lucky. And now, we cope and hide the tears as best we can, and try to sleep through the night, and through the memories… Read More
I found it painful and profound to visit Arlington Cemetery when I returned from Vietnam. There, I saw the shallow graves that time could not conceal, and I saw and felt the brevity of life, as I recalled the atrocities and cruelties of war. Read More
So long ago, when I was young. When I still had innocence in my soul. I saw the face of war up close, and it destroyed the boy in me, and the dreams once dreamt that burned inside of me. Read More
I remember when I was a boy and then a young man, with promise, and with potential. I was idealistic. I was a poster boy for America – a Valley boy from the Rio Grande -- bright, strong, determined. Those were the days of my innocence. Read More

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We were soldiers in an undeclared war, afraid to die, and afraid to cry. We were no heroes or brave young warriors. We were just innocent and naïve young boys and men, caught in a maze of entangled webs of lies and deceit. Read More
Mourning the loss of friends and total strangers, American GIs serving in the wastelands and vastness of the Mekong Delta of Vietnam are quickly confronted with the reality of war. Read More

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Looking back in time I remember all the fallen soldiers – husbands, fathers, sons and friends. Brave young soldiers each and every one. Afraid to die, and afraid to cry. Brave and innocent, and too young to die. Read More
We were supposed to have been the Good Guys! Yet I feel tainted somehow, and have for far too long. We were the guys in the white hats coming to the rescue. So why do I feel guilty? Read More
Soldiers never cry. They either do or die. It’s not for them to think or question, but just simply to survive. Read More

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Private first class Aneesa and her friends are in the IDF, this story follows her in Golan squad through numerous battlefields against Palestinian forces Read More
He is drafted. There is a spy in the barracks. Who is he? What is he trying to do? Read More
Submitted for approval on the approach of Veteran's Day/Armistice Day (though even more apropos for Memorial Day). A soldier's use as a tool of State policy may often be controversial, but regardless, the soldiers themselves are risking all, and sometimes pay an ultimate price serving their nation. This poem is… Read More
A quite moment for a soldier Read More

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The Flash Fiction Fun House

When two soldiers in the dying months of World War I take shelter in a rundown French farmhouse, they come across a boy named Olivier, eager to invite them to dinner... Read More
Dedicated to the soldiers who fought and died for the USA. Read More

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April 19, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

I wrote this as a ditty medieval soldiers sing on their way home from victory in a story of mine. Read More
Amid a new war in the city of Darwin, the worlds above and below take a dangerous turn, when aliens invade searching for Midnight Eclipse. A powerful relic known to wipe out thousands and a weapon every nation on earth wants for themselves. Before any side can ascertain it, the… Read More

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December 11, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

This poem is written for a devoted soldier who wanted to serve his country but he could not pursue his mission after getting injured. He still loves his country and joined another institute to pursue his dream and to serve his country's people. His enthusiastic approach to serve his motherland… Read More
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