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There are quite a number of people who makes claim to the Jewish Messiah title. This guy really thought he was the Messiah.. Read More
Rewrite of: An expression of a personnel viewpoint, via a poem. Read More

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Everyone makes promises of how they can show you happiness. Well, there's only one true source to happiness and this short article takes a look at that path. Read More
The Qur'an teaches that the person who steals should have his or her hand cut off. This cutting off of the hand serves as a retribution and punishment from Allah. This punishment was ordered by Allah and was practiced by the Prophet. Can such a form of punishment for theft… Read More
How antiChrist may be born. UFOs, missing women, murder for hire. Read More
For Haley Elizabeth's Fantasy Picture Contest- Becca was a lonely witch. She only wanted to be loved by Lance Kilpatrick.When Becca finds a box that holds a crystal ball and a book of love spells,she was driven by her love for Lance to cast a love spell on him to… Read More
R.I.P Salomon. No lie, he is my seventh friend to kill himself. My seventh fallen angel. I will be posting a poem for each friend. But his hit me harder than anything at the moment. Read More

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Charlie Cyprus lives a great life. Great friends, great social status, great family, great home... but she soon realizes, all that could change in a minute. Read More
From so far away, you envision that someone that you admired to be the one for you. But as you get to know them, things aren't always as they seem even if it is for better or worse... Read More

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I have been studying The biblical book of Song of Solomon for almost a year. God has placed a desire for intimacy that is almost unbearable. This comes from the second verse of the first chapter. Please understand that i may be weird... but I just want to know my… Read More
An inspirational poem of Christian Faith. Read More
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