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August 20, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

Brooke Milo has just moved from Lewiston, Idaho to Ever-Tree, Montana. She has a secret. On the day of her tenth birthday, A.K.A. the day her dad left her and her mother, Brooke wakes with new found abilities. Meeting new people and being influenced by these powers, Brooke soon discovers… Read More
Beneath the solstice moon, owl sings a wicked song. Flat, black.. Midnight sky. Crickets serenade in tranquil harmony. Read More
(PG-13) When Brandon is taken, who but James can save him? And will he be able to find out who she is? Or what she is? Read More
Anastasia (Staci) life is far from perfect. Her mother couldn't care less about her and what she does and her step-father is a complete loser. Spending all their extra money on his daily beers and getting into drunking rages. So when they plan to go on a cruise without her,… Read More
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