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Terrorist attack in Somalia, February 2nd, 1994 Read More

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Nadif, a Somali Pirate, finds himself under interrogation by an American Colonel, Webb. The interrogation process reveals each character's broken past and uncovers the complexities of the situation in Somalia for Somalians and Americans alike. Read More
One of the number one problems in Africa today, or so it is made out to be. So who are these poor souls off the Somali Coast? Read More
A British Colonel relates to the Marshall of the Empire (Africa) on what happened to his columns in Somali Dervish territory. Read More
The Dervish Army in Somalia fought off the British until the 1920's, when they brought airplanes to the country, making Somalia the second to last nation in Africa to fall under colonial rule. Read More
When I met the world, I loved it. And the world loved me. If that could happen to everyone, maybe we would all understand our human race a little better. So here I am. Love me if you want, but I will love you regardless. Read More

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We all have a special connection with our native land. Read More

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June 09, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

I have two eyes and a coast. Read More
Somalia has a bright future, but Somalis need to be willing to embrace it before it becomes a reality. Read More
The Dervish Commander, Muhammed Abdullah Hassan, is rallying his troops on the eve of one of this many battles with the British to preserve my ancestral home. Read More
A group of stranded boaters keep a look-out for pirates off of Somalia. They wait for them, anxious and hungry... Read More
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