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Sequel to Welcome to twilight town Read More

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Is this your crush Mark? Is this Sora? Read More
Hannah Westwood's life has been anything but boring. After her father leaving at age 8 and her mother leaving her at age 10, she, only by a stroke of luck and the mercy of her new friends, was able to survive into teenagerhood. Now, with losing half of her heart… Read More

Tags: oc, sora, riku, maleficent

Kate has problems commiting to any relationship or even to feel insterested in one but all that changes as Sora comes along and turns her world upside down. Read More

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Sora Sora is back and better than before, well and different too. Read More

Book / Gay and Lesbian

October 16, 2011

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After one terrible incident I awaken to a new one. From the worst of luck to the best. What can possibly happen once could probably happen twice, maybe three times? Read More
Riku has been gone for over two years making Sora depressed. He promised to come back to Sora. Sora tries to forget about Riku and asks Kairi out. Riku visits Sora's dreams and things start to get kinky between them, but what happens when things start to get horrible. Read More
A neurotic teenager is visited by a celestial existence. Read More
I never have any summery's for poems :) ...sorry... Read More
I don't actually remember writing this :) Read More
A very simple poem :) That's all... Read More
Not a very long or detailed poem... I don't really know where it came from... Read More

Poem / Other

May 07, 2011

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There is a problem with paragraphing for some odd reason... I am not sure why... but anything I post is published with no paragraphs... I will try to fix it soon. Read More
Nothing much to this one... a friend asked me to write something... and this is what I came up with. Read More
This is just a little short story... written a while ago now... but I hope it is still current. Read More
I think this isn't very good personally... but am just posting anything that pops into my head... Read More

Book / Fan Fiction

April 19, 2011

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Riku and Sora have been friends forever, but friendship wasn't enough for Riku. He's been hurt watching Kairi and Sora together, and wants Sora to hurt the same way. He turns to the hand of evil to put Sora through physical and mental straining. It's only then that Riku realizes,… Read More

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Awhile after Axel's untimely death he has returned to kingdom hearts to look for Sora and maybe lend a helping hand in his heroic quest. Read More

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Sora is a young girl that is raised by her grandpa , her parents died when bandits evaded the village . she grew up to be an excellent kunoichi but what happenes when he finds out that his uncle was Konohas white fang... Read More
A digimon fanfic I'm uploading simply because it's one of the only stories I actually expect to finish. I know, it's dorky, but if it's not your thing just skip over it! Digimon Adventues 07. Set shortly after Digimon Adventures 02. Soft spoken TK finds himself drawn more and more… Read More
This is the second story of the 5. I have 3 more to make, thank you if you would comment. Read More
Um i just didnt know what i was writing literally. I was just sitting in my room and i forgot about the homework i was doing and i wrote this instead. . .my teacher didnt like that one bit. I cant say i dont like this peice but i like… Read More

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this is random since i got bored lol Read More

Tags: funny, girls, sora, roxas, riku

Poem / Poetry

October 03, 2009

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Us two people who were crashed together, no relation whatsoever, in that single moment, we were one. These accusing eyes that mock us for being different, we're not doing this for anyone else, let's smile even if our existence is tainted. Read More

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A short poem that I wrote in school, I thought people here might want to read it... It's about German child soldiers in WW2... Read More

Tags: war, world, poem, sad, adults, ww, sora, junsui

Sora wants to show riku some famuas biltz ball in some 5 star hotel room.until they get locked into the bathroom.Soras in a bath towel and riku needs to use the bathroom. Read More
Hope is being abused and raped by her Father, but finally she falls in love with a guy that is so simmilar to her...but it may not last, she may find herself in an even worser Hell... this is for Sora's Suicide Romance challange! WARNING: might contain graphic senere and… Read More
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