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A poem to express the deep sorrow i feel with the loss of my 16-year-old son from injuries sustained in an automobile accident. i have not found that which was taken from me on that hot July night so many years ago! Read More
a person's frustrations Read More
An event in my life series. Read More

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June 20, 2022

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There's a line between life and death. The choice isn't easy and standing in that line isn't pleasant. Read More

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June 09, 2022

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a poem of sorrow Read More

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it’s such a blessing finding someone who is there, especially through the hardest of times. someone who doesn’t try to change everything or sugar coat everything. someone who’s real. but what happens to them? do i ever give them space to unload their own burdens or do i abandon them… Read More

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May 22, 2022

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A poem about nature and emotion. Read More

Featured Review by Derina Peng

"Well used of metaphor and word choice. Great line break too. Excellent brevity! " Read More

Something that happened to me in real life. Read More
My brother's granddaughter (my great-niece), age 14, suffered several strokes and other complications recently. Yesterday, she suffered yet another, more devastating one. Now, it is only a matter of time. Her parents constantly by her side, devastated. My brother, her grandfather, overwhelmed with grief. And I feel helpless. So I… Read More

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These are the collection of revised versions of the original ones which I had written many years ago. Read More

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REGRET! We will all face regret at some point in our lives. It comes and goes like the wind. It always seems to go away when the sun rises in the sky, but not always. That depends on you. SEE ME see my reflection like SPOCK...., IN CHICAGO'S BEAN- here's… Read More

Tags: hope, pain, fear, sorrow, regret

For many, Christmas is not the remembrance of a prophecy fulfilled. It is not a time to look towards the sky and imagine the magic of the Star of Bethlehem, or to envision the Magi on camels, crossing the great lands of ancient times, in search of the promise of… Read More

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September 17, 2021

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Since I have a lot of poems, some alright, other's... horrid... I figured I should put them all into one place. Many were done while I was very very young. Forgive their rough exteriors. I use the name E.VA in homage to my paternal grandmother who was supportive of my… Read More
A mother and father blame them selves for the death of their child. Read More

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Collection of poems about my feelings along the journey of my life. Read More

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August 20, 2021

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One of my poems from the shelve. Read More
It is nice to believe that time heals all wounds, especially at times of grief, loss or disappointment. However, at the very moment of experiencing grief, loss or disappointment, those comforting words may be heard as sounding almost callous and insensitive, whether or not the intent is there. Because at… Read More

Tags: loss, grief, time, sorrow, heals

Recalling the past, remembering my fallen friends, with teardrops and sorrow, the images return. Read More
There was a time and place not long ago where once dreams lived and thrived. A place guarded by the vigilance of sacrificed lives, abandoned innocence and shattered dreams. A place where fields of stone and seas of tears defy the sorrow and the pain to keep alive the spirit… Read More
There is a profound sadness and sorrow within me on Memorial Day. For to have known my friends you would have seen the promise and the passion that they had. To have known my friends you would have seen the sparkle in their eyes and the radiance of their hearts. Read More
In times of sorrow and of grief, the brevity, significance and appreciation of life is experienced unlike anything else in our lives. We sense and suffer an emptiness within us. We feel and bear emotions that conflict and clash with our heart and our mind, and we endure the human… Read More
There is always the morning after, when light and hope leaps out from the darkness and the shadows that cross our paths. It is the heartaches and the tears that make us strong, and joy, fulfillment and happiness that makes our spirits soar. Read More
Mom, I just want to let you know how the years continue to go by, one after the other, without a moment’s pause to catch my breathe. Read More
A collection of poetry (and poetical prose) about love, hatred, death and life, kept in melancholic tones with a little of morbid satire. Read More
For once in our life, we need one another. Something that we’ve needed for so long. Read More

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The setting sun reflects its dimming brilliance on the meandering and flowing waters of the Rio Grande. It is the sunset that illuminates the beauty and tranquility of the gentle current that gently prods the nectar that nourishes the richness of the Valley beyond the river’s edge Read More

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May 19, 2021

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As the world is gripped around with the fear of an invisible enemy, the only thing that is keeping the human race’s spirits alive is our very own hope. Read More

Tags: love, hope, life, fight, sorrow

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