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..... Tethered to that which does not honor you and give you the credit for the light you share that is due! That means we also fan the flame Of the other’s passions until they can’t be tamed We only offer the other understanding And cast those out who… Read More
Reyna and Landon have been best friends since they were little. But the two had to part ways when Landon moved away. Now, 10 years later, the old friends are 22 years old and are reunited at a rather unexpected place. Read More
Amy and Jackson are meant to be... friends forever. Read More
This is a poem about love at first sight and finding your soul mate. Read More
Sometimes complicated relationship worth the struggle... changes never change Read More
If she opened the 6 year old box overflowing with feelings for him, she'd trade love for the moral fabric of her every true and right decision that made up her life. Or would love prove to be the only "right" in this internal conflict? Read More
When I’d dared to look across from me, I’d found her lying, staring at the ceiling, teeth marks adjoining her arms and legs, where I’d dragged her, claw marks scraped over her chest, especially deep through the flesh and fatty part of her breasts. I'd gagged and hunched over, thinking… Read More
I thought I was normal. I thought I would never have to question my faith. I thought that I would be free to make my own choices and my own mistakes. At the age of sixteen you never expect your world to crumble. Religion, spirituality, Angels, Demons, soul mates, repentance,… Read More
A poem of romance. ((practicing rhythm. 11 syllables per line.)) Read More
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